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Sara Sara Foot Finger Cream – Look at the label

edited May 2014 in Root
Deonatulle for WOMEN Medicated SARA SARA Cream for ASHI-YUBI ( Foot fingers) is another best selling Japanese product on Amazon. Let’s look at the label.  This is an interesting product provided that a) you have stinky feet and b) you don’t want to use traditional foot deodorizing products. The reason that it’s interesting is that it doesn’t use […]


  • I'm no chemist, but I did major in Japanese literature.  "Foot-fingers" is a really overly-direct translation of the Japanese word for toes.  "Yubi" means finger(s), "ashi" means leg/foot (they don't distinguish), and they just use a compound of two for toes rather than have a whole separate word like we do in English.

    Incidentally, "sara sara" is an onomatopoeic expression for, like, silkiness.

    Japanese deodorant is really strange in general, and not widely used.  I've never even seen the stick-type here, only sprays or the occasional roll-on.  No surprise: the trains and subways reek all summer long.
  • According to a book called "The Scented Ape: The Biology and Culture of Human Odour" "East Asians (ChineseKoreans, and Japanese) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, and the lack of these glands make East Asians less prone to body odor."
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