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Skin care product application order.


So far I haven't been able to find an  anti aging (Retin A level) plus blackhead/acne/combo skin helping plus adequate eye area moisturizer plus all the goodies like Vitamin C in one package.  Can you tell me the best application order, or if I should be alternating days or something to get the benefit of all the goodies?  Are there other treatments that might work for an aging, wrinkly, yet still acne prone, large pores, blackhead prone... Crone?

What I do now (each application gets rubbed in and next product waits until face/neck is dry): 

PM:  Retin A  -   BHA/Sal acid for blackheads/nose - Retinol for under eyes (Retin A makes under eyes dry and flaky) - Moisturizer/serum like When Hope is not Enough or Paula B's anti aging serum

AM:  Vitamin C, BHA on nose/chin, Hope in a Jar, Eye Hope under eyes. BB cream for sunscreen. (Paula or Philosophy)  Unless I'm going in to the sun then I use the Neutragina dry 55 spf.   I work in a dark office and only sun exposure is during AM/PM commute.

Am I wasting money/product here?  This combo reached after a bit of experimentation because I have a typical oily T-zone and normal to dry cheeks & neck.  Seems to keep the periodic acne breakouts to a minimum and while it doesn't get rid of blackheads it does seem to help the appearance.  Also keeps my face moisturized although I sometimes  reapply moisture or serum under my eyes.

Please don't get me wrong with the Crone hyperbole - I get lots of compliments on my skin and that's genetics and I'm grateful.  But I do wonder if I'm wasting product.  (I know I waste $ but I find that Philosophy and Paula products do work best for me)


  • If you have found that you identify with Philosophy, there is a way within that line that you can streamline to get more out of your routine with less products.

    In your AM and PM routines you listed that you enjoy products the "Hope" categories. "Hope In A Jar" is well loved, however only address anti-aging and not your target concern of Anti-Aging with acne and blackheads.

    Recently, Philosophy has elevated their product assortment and released a Anti-Aging with acne line that would multi-task your concerns into one product versus layering multiple products. I would suggest upgrading your "Hope In A Jar" moisturizer to the "Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer and salicylic acid acne treatment for blemish-prone skin". I would also suggest changing when you use your Hope Is Not Enough Serum in your routine.

    Here is my recommendation:

    - Step 1: "Retin A": Refrain from using around your eye so often if you are experiencing dryness. Use around your eyes twice a week at most but note that your Eye Hope eye cream has a retinoid in it as well so you are over stimulating that area currently. A rule of thumb is if you have to reapply eye cream throughout the day, lessen your use of Retin A around the eye area.
    - Step 2: "Philosophy Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer and salicylic acid acne treatment for blemish-prone skin": Recent studies have proven that where as it was once thought as an urban legend issue to not blend Retinoids with a BHA, this has been proven false. More importantly, in your original PM routine you were using a serum over your Retin A. Serums do not have the humectant quantities needed to pair with a Retin A. By using a moisturizer over your Retin A instead you will get more hydration and repair benefits.

    - Step 1: "Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum": This serum is better used with your routine if you move it to AM from PM. It also contains vitamin C so there is not need to use both your current AM vitamin C serum and this serum.
    - Step 2: "Philosophy Eye Hope Eye Cream"
    - Step 3: "Philosophy Miracle Worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer and salicylic acid acne treatment for blemish-prone skin"

    This suggestion simplifies your steps working with what you already have and upgrades your Hope In A Jar step to work more efficiently to your target concerns.

    I hope this helps!
  • Thank you so very much!  this will simplify and I will get the Miracle Worker as soon as the Hope in a Jar runs out!
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