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Lice, mayo, hair color

edited May 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
So I used two lice treatments on my hair. One last Saturday and one yesterday. (1st process & 2nd process) Today I am trying to condition my hair because it is completely dry and still a little itching. I researched and mayo is supposed to kill lice plus this true?? If so, how soon can i color my hair after all this?


  • There is nothing in Mayo that will kill lice.  You may get some humectant effect from it for conditioning but your best bet would be to use a regular hair conditioner.  

    As far as coloring goes, I would wait until you are lice free before coloring.  But if after the two treatments you are lice free then go ahead and color again.
  • If you've just used 2 lice treatments you shouldn't have any lice left to kill!  I took a quick look and haven't been able to find any proof that the mayo solution (which suffocates them) really works. If you hair is dry and scalp is itchy why not start with a good conditioner or maybe even some coconut oil. That should be a better treatment than mayo. 

    Once you've shampooed all this gunk out of your hair you should be able to color it right away.  
  • Mayo is listed on the Minnesota Department of Health website as a potential suffocant for lice but they also say that they "cannot recommend these treatments without further evidence of their effectiveness." 

    I'll dig around some more to see if I can find clear evidence whether or not suffocation is a legit treatment for lice. 
  • i appreciate all the info!
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