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Why facial masks make our skin look so radiant instantly after application compared to moisturizer?

edited August 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Hi beauty brains,

Thanks for all the scientific education in layman language all the while :) really appreciate your effort
I've learnt from your blog that facial masks don't really do much on our skin, they only leave wonders right after application & the effects will be lost once we wash our face, right?

I've just bought some facial masks from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. & I've tried it on, surprisingly, my face turns out so dewy, hydrated, smooth like what the promoter described as, "after using your face will look 'one touch can make it pop (direct translation)'." It looks like SK-II commercials, watery faces that when you put ur hands on ur face it really kinda stick for a moment. Get what I mean?

Now I'm wondering why does facial masks are so effective, but only last temporary?
Or using them regularly (daily? replacing moisturizers perhaps?) can really give a permanent, lasting positive result to the face like moisturizers?

Why does not one moisturizers that I've used so far (billions of usage frequency) has the same effect compared with just 1 usage of facial masks?
If I really love & yearn to maintain this bouncy, baby face effect, what's the most effective method that really works? Using facial masks every day? (Ha! I've a feeling you'll bust it!)

Thanks again for clearing my doubts & providing sacred information for us as consumers. Oh btw, I just realized this blog has fewer posts covering on the topic of facial masks :D Just a random fact

FYI, the masks I've used, just in case u need it, are as below (I'll type out by hand those that lack of info):
1. BRTC Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask
- ingredients: water, butylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol, leontopodium alpinum callus culture extract, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, royal jelly extract......

2. Fabula Nano-Cellulose Mask Debute
3. Swisse Programme Gigawhite Fresh Double Action Exfoliating Mask

4. Skin Peptoxyl Instant Hydra-boosting Bio-Cellulose Mask
5. Some full of japanese word mask, which I don't even understand myself

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