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Is there REALLY formaldehyde in nail hardeners?

Hi Beauty Brains, I came across this interesting article that says that nail hardeners don't actually contain formaldehyde!
I'm curious about your thoughts on what is presented here?


  • As far as I can tell this article appears to be accurate. 
  • Thanks for your reply Randy! I've been somewhat worried about the nail hardeners/polishes I use that contain formaldehyde, wondering if it's harming me as you see so much hype about "3 free" and "5 free" polishes. Sounds like there's really not much to worry about then, at least where formaldehyde is concerned.
  • Rofls. Check the back of your face and shampoos stuffs too more often, cause formaldehyde is an unfortunate, and not as versital preservative in skin care. They also use it in leather, and dead people, oh and those frogs you dissect. Parabens look decent next to that, am I right? :P
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