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"It's an unregulated industry--anyone can put anything in cosmetics"

edited January 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
I got this from a friend who is a Jane Iredale rep.  She is convinced that only Jane Iredale products are safe to use and suitable for sensitive skin.  How do I respond to this one?  I know it's not true (i.e., the FDA does regulate cosmetics in the US), but I don't feel educated enough to back up what I say.


  • She's right. Jane Iredale IS the only brand that is recognized as safe. 

    ...just kidding. 

    Actually, this would make a great discussion for our podcast. Any chance you'd be interested in recording an audio version of your question so we could use it on the show? If you are, here are the instructions: 

  • Sure, I'll do it.  I'll try to do it some time tomorrow.

  • I sent you the file.
  • But now I am fretting that I sound overly rehearsed. Ah, stage fright:)
  • I got it and don't sound just fine! We record our shows a week or so in advance so this wont air for a little while but thank you!!
  • Thanks. It's like an outgoing message. I feel like re-recording it but will resist the impulse and trust your feedback:)
  • What do you have in the USA - 2 Acts & a dozen+ bits of regulation and then throw in a few state laws to boot? Doesn't sound unregulated.

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