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Can I use medicated acne pads on my feet?

I've gotten hooked on chemical exfoliants and I'm wondering if it's ok to use 2% salicylic acid pads on my feet to help keep them soft. The formula I use does contain alcohol--will this cancel out the effects by drying my feet out? Or will I be ok if I just apply a moisturizer a few minutes after?

Also sort of related: Is it ok to use the pads on the backs of my arms if I have KP? Right now I'm using Paula's Choice 2% BHA and it really helps, but if I can get away with the cheap medicated pads on my arms then I can save more of the good stuff for my face.



  • Keratosis Pilaris can be exacerbated when your skin is dry and if you treat it like acne without having the proper moisturizing elements cocktailed with it, you can make your symtoms worse.

    The perfect cocktail of ingredients to use to alleviate symtoms from KP with BHA's are glycolic acids (or any blend of AHA's) and urea.

    Just ensure that you have KP on your feet and not dermatitis. This is KP season for many people and is also dermatitis season as well. The two can appear similar and when on the feet is more common to be dermatitis.

    KP consists of hard plugs formed from keratin within the hair folicle. Dermatitis is inflamation in the form of small blisters. They are both productive if attempted to extract. KP will extract a white, hard substance. Dermatitis will extract a wattery substance.



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    Thanks Christina! I figured it was pushing it by using BHA with alcohol on KP.

    Also oops I was not very clear in my OP, I never even realized KP could affect feet as well. My KP is just on the back of my arms, for my feet I just want to keep my heels soft (but I have no skin conditions there).
  • You can definitely use the 2% pads on your arms if your moisturizer has Urea in it. Many of my clients use facial pads on their arms so long as their moisturizer supports the dehydrating properties of a BHA.

    There is also no problem with using BHA pads at a 2% on your feet to keep them smooth.

    I would suggest you find pads that have a AHA and BHA in them to multi-purpose your usage. The AHA will smooth the surface on your feet much better than a BHA alone. The BHA will continue to treat the KP and clogged pores.

    I am a fan of getting as much usage out of one product as possible.
  • Awesome, thank you!
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