Black/Green tea hair rinse?

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Is there any reason to think this works to decrease shedding and strengthen (?) hair?


  • There is no evidence that shows rinsing hair with tea will strengthen it or stop shedding. 
  • I'm not sure this is evidence but :

    It does seem to be more then anecdotal.
  • Pamg: Thanks so much for exposing a gap in my knowledge. I had not seen the studies mentioned in the article. I took a look at the the actual scientific papers (at least the ones I could find) and it does appear there's some basis for the components of tea having benefits for hair. However, there are some reasons that a simple tea rinse probably won't help. I'll summarize my thoughts and post something to the blog next week. Thanks again. 
  • I look forward to your post.
    The more you guys help us all know/understand the better!
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