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I'm baaack! And I'm still looking for my hg foundation for my sensitive skin

edited January 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Sorry, I disappeared for over a year because I joined Facebook (can we say time drain?).  I have a new account and user name here, but it's still me, Sarah F.  Those of you who knew me in the old days know that I have a love-hate relationship with makeup.  I have rosacea and sensitive skin and eyes.  I also hate the feeling of heavy or greasy makeup.  I go through long phases of not using any makeup.  I've experimented with mineral and powder foundations, but find that 1) they seem almost as likely to cause irritation as liquid foundations because they can be drying, and 2) I can't get the look or staying power I really want with them.  So I'm in another experimentation phase.  

I am looking for a lightweight liquid foundation that doesn't feel heavy or greasy, has a matte or semi-matte finish (but a little natural light reflection is okay as long as the product will do for combo skin), wears reasonably well for combination skin, and is suitable for sensitive skin/rosacea (no or minimal sunscreen ingredients preferred--I use my own mineral sunscreen underneath).  Drugstore or department store brand is okay.  Any suggestions?  So far, two contenders (but I have to see how my skin likes them over time) are cover girl trublend and MAC matchmaster.

Thanks, Sarah


  • It's good to have you baaack! 
  • Hey thanks, lol:)

  • Where have all the forum members gone? In the old days, I would have had a few suggestions by now. Sigh--Facebook is ruining it for us all;)
  • Plus, we're still trying to rebuild our forum membership.
  • Yeah, I wondered about that.  Thanks, Randy.
  • Yes, we lost our entire forum in November.  Stupid hosting company.  We had to start over.
  • I'm very sad. I used to peruse the old forum and I always enjoyed your thoughtful posts Sarah. Since the fresh Beauty Brains start, I'm a bit motivated to contributing to the forum. Hope it picks up again and people come back. The BB community is probably one of the best beauty communities online (though I love those crazy girls over at Beautylish too...sometimes I just need science though).
  • Brainybimbo, you make me smile. Thanks for your support! I'm glad we can be here to provide your science fix. 
  • Brainybimbo, what was your old user name? Was it the same?
  • Randy ^_^ 
    I don't remember my old username....I almost never posted though so that might be why.
  • Since the data base crashed I can't go back and look up old user names. If it makes you feel better, just pretend you're in the witness protection program and you have a brand new identity. 
  • I enjoy that. Interwebs woman of mystery.
  • Oh hey, welcome back! I was also gone for a yr but its me rozy as you can tell by my username. I also joined facebook! I don't think that is why I stopped reading this site just because I was going through dealing with CFS but I think I managing it well now.
  • I am really lucky because the lightest shade of Loreal foundation in cool fits my skin perfectly. When I shop for foundation I just pick the lightest shade but I have to test it to see if its light enough. I am at a loss to help my mom find her shade. I am looking on the loreal site and they don't seem to have it but I am pretty sure they still sell it. I gotta check the stores. If I were you I would give up and just invest in skincare bc its annoying as damn to try a bunch of products if you're sensitive though I have heard good things about Clinque its expensive.
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