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Is the No-Poo method safe for hair and scalp?

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Our FaceBook page was abuzz recently over this HuffPo article on the woman who hasn’t washed her hair in 5 years.  If you really did NOTHING to clean your hair and scalp, would that be bad for you? Increased oil Trichologist and fellow cosmetic scientist, Tony Maleedy, weighed in on the debate with this analysis: […] Is the No-Poo method safe for hair and scalp?


  • I think it is disgusting and complete pseudo science. 
  • I always get concerned when I hear about people with flaky scalps skipping shampoo because I know that cleansing is so important for seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff).  There are different reasons the scalp can be flaky, and dryness is only one of them.  It could be going the wrong direction for people with oily scalps and an active fungal infection.
  • Sometimes I think people do not bother to THINK they just read whatever crunchy propaganda they can and take it as fact.
  • I agree Rozy.  Many don't think for themselves and the internet is a breeding ground for unscientific nonsense to be digested whole by unthinking types.
  • Look at all the idiots giving advice on this thread.
    On YouTube videos I have seen people that speak out and say it didn't work be told its some kind of personal failing like the comments on this video.
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    I don't see it that way Rozy. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the comments on the article. 

    I also didn't get the feeling that people who commented on the video were saying it is a personal failing that going no-poo didn't work for her. Most were simply saying they did something a little differently and it worked for them.

    What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. 

  • I don't see how there could be any benefit to not washing your hair when they claim that is what makes hair look good.
  • Who are "they?"  I know Lindygirl from years on this forum, and she seems plenty bright enough to figure out whether her hair looks good or not.  I don't think anyone is arguing that skipping shampoo for several days is a one size fits all solution for everyone, and I agree that if you have dandruff, the evidence would dictate giving consideration to cleansing away scalp oils thoroughly, but I'm not sure any authority can say with certitude that skipping shampoo works well for no one ever.
  • I never claimed I was an authority on it just that I don't get what the mechanism is behind the benefits being claimed. People can do what they want with their bodies that doesn't hurt others, I could care less. What irks me is that this trend stems from pseudo-science and chemophobia as far as I can tell. I am against those things because I feel like it holds humanity back from being rational people. I am not saying lindy is personally chemophobic just that the origins of this supposed movement undoubtedly are.
  • Rozy, for the record, I did not say I do not wash my hair. I did not say I have phobias about chemicals. Like lots of folks I just find it works better for me to wash with conditioner most days and only shampoo a couple of times a week. 

    Does it work for everyone? As I said before, just because it works for one doesn't mean it will work for another. 

    Just because you think it sounds like it wouldn't ever possibly work doesn't mean it doesn't work for some people out there. Most of the ones it works well for have wavy to curly hair. But I have read that there are those who have straight hair who have had great success with it too.

    I thought conditioner washing most days and only shampooing a couple times a week sounded very strange when I first read about it. But I gave it a try. It did and does work for me.
  • And for the record, I am profoundly anti chemophobia and pseudoscience. I do keep an open mind that skipping shampoo, or using conditioner in lieu of shampoo some of the time, works for some people, like lindygirl.
  • Is "anti-chemophobic" the same as "chemophyllic?" 
  • Lol, Randy. I am as close to chemophilic as they come.
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    I thought there was a difference between co washing and no poo. I think a light conditioner would work for some people. No poo means no shampoo at all I think but it also sometimes means baking soda and vinegar and it sometimes means low poo and apparently co washing. I don't think its weird to only use conditioner its logical if you have dry hair. So confusing all the different meanings I joined a no poo group on facebook and it only confused me more bc the term seems to mean a lot of different stuff plus some ppl were against baby shampoo and using olive oil on their babies heads. I am jelly of people who can only wash their hair a less often bc its dry. Mine gets so greasy when I skip more than a day. My mom has thick lovely hair and can get away with skipping more than a day. Thanks for the fine hair genes dad!
  • I'm chemophilic.
  • IMO the whole world should call

    Using no shampoo at all just water=no poo
    Washing hair with conditioner=cowashing
    Washing hair with a gentle shampoo and not everyday=low poo

    I kind of hate how they imply shampoo is bad by calling it poo.
  • Every time I hear cowashing I think of someone washing someone else's hair.
  • All these methods of "fake" washing hair should be called sham-poo.
  • If I washed my hair with conditioner it would be disgusting and people would think I was homeless.
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