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DIY Sunscreen?

edited March 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
I saw this last night, and I thought my head might explode.
Is the concept of homemade sunscreen as crazy as I think it is, or am I overreacting?


  • It's crazy. People love to oversimplify things like this.
    I did see a comment asking how they guessed at/calculated the SPF value. A very valid point indeed.
  • I did a quick search on this and found that Amanda over at Realize Beauty has written an excellent article on the issues of DIY zinc sunscreens. She confirmed what I suspected which is that the zinc powder is hard to properly disperse (and it settles out after it's dispersed) which gives you lower than anticipated SFP ratings. 

  • No, trish, you're not overreacting. I watched the video too, and it was much worse than I thought it would be.

    I don't think she got one thing right. Where the heck are the preservatives? What, did she think the ones in the vegetable oils would suffice?!

    Someone will get hurt out of this.
  • Glad to know I'm not entirely nuts. I have a very nasty case of rosacea (i.e. the last derm I saw said "as bad as any I've ever seen.") I am beyond careful of the things that go on my facial skin, and unfortuntately, sunscreen can be one of my triggers, so I pay $30 a tube/2 times a month for the one that has not yet triggered a reaction for my face. Now I need to find one that I can wear on the rest of me without leaving white streaks on my clothing. The one I use on my face doesn't, but I'd be broke in short order using it anywhere else. Even on my arms, I can only use zinc and titanium oxide. Otherwise I end up with full on crazy contact dermatitis on day two of using the more standard sunscreens. 
  • trishb, which sunscreen do you like for your face? 
    I would look into baby sunscreen products for the body. Usually prices are pretty reasonable at the drugstore and ones marketed toward children are more likely to have physical screens (though not always). Texture/white streak wise, I'm not sure. One that I like is made by Neutrogena, maybe try that and see what you think.

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