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FutureDerm has posted an article entitled "5 reasons you need a Clarisonic ARIA brush system". In it they claim that it can reduce the formation of blackheads because it oscillates 300 times per second. Now I'm not quite sure what oscillation is or how it relates to blackheads, but the clinical study that the site is linking to redirects me to a search form where I find nothing related to Clarisonic. I then found this PDF in which there are numerous additional claims. Can the Clarisonic ARIA brush really do all they claim? I'm especially interested in the blackhead claim.


  • Clarisonic is a fine product and an effective way to wash your skin. However, the claims in the blog post and subsequent PDF are mostly marketing hype. It's quite likely you could get every bit of benefit from using a washcloth as you could from using a Clarisonic. It's just that the Clarisonic is easier or more convenient to use. The studies that are sighted are all comparing washing your face with Clairsonic versus washing with your hands alone. It's not surprising. 

    I'm sure Clarisonic can help reduce blackheads it just hasn't been proven to be better than using a regular washcloth.
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