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Can the color in styling gel stain your hair over time?

I have wavy/curly medium blonde color treated hair.  Does the color of the gel I use to style my hair matter? If I were to use, for example, a dark blue gel would it make my hair have a greenish tinge over time? Or would there be so little color in the amount of gel used that it wouldn't make a difference?

LA Looks makes a hard hold gel that is highly recommended by others who have my hair type on, but it is DARK blue (Sport gel). If color combos hold true and yellow (blonde) and blue (gel) make green… I really don't want green hair. They also have one that is a light lime green (Power Spikes) that gets good reviews from others. 

So what do you think? Does the color of the gel matter? Or not?



  • Unless you're using a dark red or dark purple styling gel it's highly unlikely the color in your gel is going to have any impact on the color of your hair.  There just isn't enough color used in those products to make a difference.
  • LG: I agree with Perry that low levels of color are unlikely to pose a problem but I think you still have reason for caution. The blue dye that is used to color hair gels is FDC Blue 1. This is a water soluble dye that can stain skin, and hair, if used in high enough concentrations.  My guess is that IF your blonde hair is porous enough, and IF the gel contains enough dye, and IF you use enough of the gel, then yes you could get some superficial staining. 

    If you're really itching to try it out, wait until the next time you get your hair cut and ask your stylist to save a little snippet of your hair. Then apply some of the gel to the hair sample, wash it out, and check for staining.  

  • Thanks! The idea to get some of my cut hair and try it out on the snippets is a great idea!
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