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  • Why don't you try a specific cleanser to remove sunscreens? Example:
    in oil for cleansing Comment by pma May 12
  • I'll copy here a comment I've done in another site: "I’ve tested a lot of moisturizers with alcohol even as the second ingredient in the ingredients list and many of them hydrated the skin better than many alcohol-free moisturizers. So, it all depen…
  • TKS a lot Randy. But why when I use an online conversion the results for 750 micrograms is 0.00075g? I guess I was doing something wrong because my results were too low.
  • Link here:
  • But in the fridge? Is it ok for vitamin C serums? If I'm not wrong SkinCeuticals serums should be stored in the fridge after opening. This blogger made an interesting test with a vitamin C serum:
  • According to a book called "The Scented Ape: The Biology and Culture of Human Odour" "East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese) have fewer apocrine sweat glands compared to people of other descent, and the lack of these glands make East Asians le…
  • 1 and 2 seems the case for L'oréal/Skinceuticals. An ingredients list from a SkinCeuticals product before to be bought by L'oréal (I remember that there were a lot of color variations of the same product - sometimes it appeared to be light green, ot…
  • I think it's usually true. L'oréal changed almost all SkinCeuticals products, Shiseido did the same in BareMinerals and NARS and the list goes on...
  • I think so because after all those products I put Retin-A and it visibly stills exfoliate my skin!  I personally don't feel my skin REALLY well hydrated if I use just a serum or just a moisturizer cream for instance. 
  • The problem is if a oral sunscreen really works it probably will cause a lot of side effects. I don't know anything to take orally that really works and don't give side effects... On the other hand, topical sunscreens are safe, effective and are alr…
  • Rozy: no, in the US (just online) and Europe (Selfridges/UK for instance) as well. 
  • sarcosine, prunus cerasusextract, cinnamomum zeylanicum extract, prunusyedoensis leaf extract, parfum. Sorry for many messages, but if I make just one message the site says "body is too long..."
  • menthoxypropanediol, carthamustinctorius oil, capryloyl salicylic acid, propyleneglycol, capryloyl glycine (continue...).
  •  polybutene, polyglyceryl-2 oleate,dicaprylyl ether, tocopherol, squalane, simmondsiachinesis oil, (continue...)
  • Here there are its ingredients: ethylhexyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, caprictriglyceride, polyglyceryl-6 dicaprate, dicaprylylcarbonate, polyglyceryl-10 dioleate,phenoxyethanol (continue...)
  • I personally don't think traditional Western masks are "intelligent". Usually there are two types: For oil control/clay based: ok, they work very well. But you can remove the excess of oil you can simply using a foaming cleanser for oily skin. Moist…

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