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  • Thanks for the answer!
  • Hi Randy,  A follow up question. The company has two products, one for face and the other for eyes. They told me the face product has double the amount of retinol that the eye serum has. The ingredient list for the two products are exactly the same,…
  • I have been a Brains fan for a number of years, and discovered Paula around the same time. The information I've found on her site, along with this one and a few others, has been incredibly helpful for figuring out what truly works in skin care. Howe…
  • The SPF is 30; I know this is called a primer, but it does not have the same type of feel as other primers. To be honest, it really seems more like a sunscreen than primer, which is fine with me. My interpretation of this is "primer=sunscreen". Any …
  • Drugstore brands L'Oreal & Maybelline are very good. Also try Flower, new and owned by Drew Barrymore. Available only at WalMart. Another very good one is NYX (pronounced nix). Don't know who owns it, but inexpensive and very good quality. 

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