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  • No, it's just the nature of the product. 
  • Usually its the acrylic polymer used as a thickener. When the water in the formula evaporates the polymer is less soluble and it kicks out of solution forming little white balls when you rub it in. 
  • Hey Vic. I compared the active ingredients in Listerine vs the Walgreens store brand. They are identical.  Eucalyptol (0.092%) , Menthol0.041 , Methyl Salicylate (0.060%) , Thymol (0.064%) The inactive ingredients are the same as well. Both products…
  • I don't know anything about this product but from the picture it does appear to be more textured than a regular towel. There's no way to tell if it's better than a regular microfiber towel but the good news is that it's only about $6 so it may be wo…
  • Are you up for an experiment? Try to use it without the olive oil and see how it works. 
  • The link does work. As you'll often find in these kinds of articles there's strong anti-chemical bias. Fragrance recipes may be proprietary but the industry does review ingredients for safety, which this article doesn't exactly explain. 
  • Some people find that method very effective. 
  • You can always show your gratitude by writing a review of our podcast on iTunes! 
  • Hi Tracey,  You don't need to worry about this at all because the Hayflick limit doesn’t apply to the type of cells that make new skin cells. So you can never run out of skin by exfoliating or by laser resurfacing.  The Hayflick limit only applies t…
  • Products for relaxed hair (like this one that contains both mineral oil and petrolatum) are TYPICALLY too heavy/greasy for non-relaxed hair. Then again, you may love the feel of it. It's impossible for us to predict personal preference just by looki…
  • This product has a pretty straight forward formula:  Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate,Dicapryl Carbonate, Glycerin, Mitoquinol Mesylate, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol.  The only ingredient that may possess any anti-aging prope…
    in What say you? Comment by RandyS June 21
  • We've not seen any evidence that suggests dry shampoo will increase hair fall. I think this myth got started because dry shampoo is less conditioning that a traditional shampoo and conditioner. That means if you're brushing and combing your hair it'…
  • Some people are sensitive to peppermint oil but others have no problem with it. It doesn't provide any benefit (other than a tingly, fresh feeling) so be safe you could certainly avoid it to protect your lips. 
  • First of all, Olaplex is probably not really counteracting damage by strengthening hair (read this: http://thebeautybrains.com/bbforum/index.php?p=/discussion/693/how-does-olaplex-work). Second, I assume that letting the hair "rest" is at least part…
  • No harm that I'm aware of. (Except to your bank account.)
    in Green tea Comment by RandyS June 20
  • I doubt those products based on green tea are worth the high price. The active component in green tea is unstable and it’s not easy to get the ingredient to where it needs to be work. Also, there are no clear studies proving that it does what it’s c…
    in Green tea Comment by RandyS June 18
  • Bad news: A lot of fragrance molecules are very small and can penetrate into fibers like hair. About all you can do is wash your hair multiple times (or apply something with an even stronger fragrance to cover up the original scent.)
  • Actually the video says that "using a comb to style your hair after you apply product often causes the hair to break."  That's because styling products make hair fibers stick together and therefore more likely to snag on a comb which can lead to bre…
  • I see at least ascorbic acid which needs to be protected from exposure to air. I'd stay away from open jar packaging in anti-aging products. 
  • It's really had to say. Since the sorbitol is tied up in ester form it may be less likely to interact with your skin. However, sometimes the fatty part of a molecule helps it penetrate skin better. If this happens and the ester breaks down then it c…
  • To be honest, I have no idea. (I don't have much experience working on acne drugs.) My understanding is that the monograph only specifies concentration, not pH.  You might get a better answer over at Chemists Corner as they have a similar discussion…
    in Free acid in SA Comment by RandyS June 4
  • If you do have dandruff or any other scalp condition that's causing your itching then the only shampoos that are proven to work are the ones that are medicated with an over the counter drug (like Head and Shoulders, Clear, etc.)  Some people do find…
  • That's very cool, thanks Pazz!
  • If you're asking if this looks like an effective lotion I would say yes based on the inclusion of petrolatum, mineral oil, dimethicone. It doesn't appear to contain any aloe but that's fine since aloe doesn't do much for skin at low levels any way. …
  • Tha's a tough one. Perhaps the other ingredients in your regular shampoo (like the fragrance or preservative) were causing your flaking problems. 
  • Some soaps are "super-fatted" to counteract drying effects. That means the excess oil/fat could be counteracting other drying effects. To be honest I'm not sure. 
  • I looked at a couple of research papers on coconut oil on hair and they didn't specify. They just said they used "pure" coconut oil. 
  • Unfortunately I'm not aware of any such data base. It would be great if it existed!
  • We found a few studies that look promising. The first one was just a pilot study and it was an open label test which means that it was not blinded or placebo controlled. The researchers had 26 females take a 1 gram of a supplement containing hydroly…
  • I'm not aware of any evidence that gold provides any benefits for your skin. (Unlike copper which is known to help with cell communication.)

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