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  • It's possible to overdose on Vitamin A (retinol) because too much can affect the liver, cause birth defects, and have other side effects. The SCCS looked at how much Vit A might enter the blood stream through the skin and then calculated the maximum…
  • These kinds of proteins don't do very much from rinse off products. But otherwise it seems like a perfectly reasonable product. You can find similar products that are less expensive.
  • I don't haven't seen any data that rates the efficacy of this product. I doubt if the salt or pH plays much of a role in its antibacterial properties.
  • Historically deodorants included an antibacterial agent like Triclosan but that is not as commonly used these days . Many products just rely on the fragrance to cover odor. Fragrance and propylene glycol may provide a little antibacterial prote…
  • I'm glad you found a product you like! What do we think? Whether it's hand made or not isn't important, it's all about which ingredients are in the product.
  • They should still deposit on the hair but given their mode of action I expect they won't work as well when applied before shampooing.
  • PVP is a classic styling agent. It gives hair good crunch but it's not very humidity resistant. My guess is this Pantene product is more similar to the Eimi Thermal Image.
  • The Thermashape product has more conditioning agents. The Eimi has a style control polymer. My prediction is that the Thermashape would be better for protecting your hair and the Eimi would be better for achieving a style. Thermashape Water/A…
  • Not putting water on your hair for a week or month will not hurt it.
  • Hi Mark. Companies tend to use fragrances that have broad consumer appeal. We used to spend a LOT of money testing fragrances to ensure they were very appealing in our products. Of course, that doesn't mean it will appeal to EVERYONE. Sounds like yo…
  • Based on the ingredient list and the way you described your skin problems I'd say they're worth a try. I'd start with the cheapest one and work your way up.
  • An audio question would be much appreciated! (But I can't promise when we'll get to it because we're kind of backed up right now.)
  • It looks like you've chosen cleansers with mild detergent systems which is good. I hope they work for you!
  • Just because someone says it on Youtube doesn't make it true. If there's a shred of evidence that this practice helps your skin I'd love to see it. Otherwise I'm calling B.S.
  • Your'e right about the petrolatum doing the work in the Nivia product. Hair conditioners aren't designed to moisturize skin after rinsing so I don't see much benefit to using them on your face.
  • It can be fun to buy customized products (especially if you get to choose the fragrance and color) but this is more marketing than science.
  • Thanks iawnahs. There are no comments waiting for admin approval so I'm not sure what happened with your previous edits. Hopefully all your comments show up properly now.
  • Great questions! I haven't looked into this yet but if time permits at some point I'll see what I can find out. In the meantime, maybe other Forum members will share any info they have.
  • I can't answer that for sure without knowing the specifics of the brand but they may be using ingredients that were tested on animals at one time in the past.
  • Very thoughtful question, thank you. We're not toxicologists but our understanding is that right now in vitro tests can not replace all animal testing of cosmetics. It seems likely that we'll get there are some point but the technology is not quite …
  • I've never heard of this but maybe someone else in the forum has more first hand experience.
  • We've been able to find very little data showing that devices like this really work. And the data we have seen doesn't compare the device to any standard product like a retinol cream. Without more convincing evidence I'm very skeptical that a device…
  • Any product packaged in a jar will be more exposed to the air than a product dispensed from a sealed container (like an airless pump.) Anytime the product is exposed to air, the antioxidants have an opportunity to be used up. So I'm not saying that …
  • From what I've seen most products still need to be reapplied every couple of hours. If you are using a newer product that specifically states it lasts longer then I suppose you can apply less frequently. This is one of those cases where it's better …
  • It's impossible to say for sure without some kind of test data. The technique you described would help limit exposure to air so that should help. It also depends on how well stabilized the antioxidants are.
  • Regarding "diluting shampoo is better than direct application on the scalp:" If your scalp is sensitive to certain shampoo ingredients you're better off changing shampoos to avoid those ingredients rather than diluting the shampoo to lower their con…
  • Based on the ingredients, I don't see how the second one could be different enough to merit a big difference in cost. So I say no. (Unless you really love the fragrance or some other aesethetic factor.)
  • It's confusing. The conventional wisdom on HA is that it's too big to penetrate and that it works by moisturizing the upper layers of skin. We have seen a couple of studies showing LMHA can penetrate skin and "work from within" but to be honest ther…

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