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  • I have the exact same problem, with most shampoos my hair ends up being so stiff, thick, tangly and with a waxy residue. Clarifying shampoos help to some extent (specially a clear one with cocamide DEA) but the waxy residue accumulates so bad on my …
  • I think the trick here is that theres no water, so the formula is more stable and theres not so much need of preservatives. Besides since they dont use other vitamins, plant extracts or oils the final formula is cheaper. Another doubt I have is why …
  • Maybe its just a matter of the excipient or overall formula rather than the acid. I used a product with retinoic acid for a year and my pores were just fine (my derm even said that the pores were shrinking), I changed to another brand and my nose po…
  • Thank you Peter and Randy, Its just I couldnt believe theres such a huge price difference for similar results. Ill definitely try the The Ordinary product, theres no way I would pay over 100 dollars for a serum, thanks again.
  • I just found a long thread about this brands products but dont know how to delete this one, sorry. But guess some questions are still valid  :P
  • What about ionic brushes? Ranging from 15 to 60 dollars, do they worth the splurge? I read on a blog that unlike ionic hairdryers the brushes work to prevent frizz and improve hair condition in general (specially frizz) since they get in contact wit…
  • Thank you guys, I used alcohol a couple of times, no results yet we will see.....about dye removers, are hard to find in my country, I got one but the instructions specifically says not to use on hair dyed with henna...About strand tests Ill definte…
  • I've been using henna for about 4 years on my brown hair the result used to be a copper color that I liked, but this time I used a different brand and it ended up looking too red from the middle to tips. I know that lawson is a permanent dye but the…