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  • Maybe its just a matter of the excipient or overall formula rather than the acid. I used a product with retinoic acid for a year and my pores were just fine (my derm even said that the pores were shrinking), I changed to another brand and my nose po…
  • Thank you Peter and Randy, Its just I couldnt believe theres such a huge price difference for similar results. Ill definitely try the The Ordinary product, theres no way I would pay over 100 dollars for a serum, thanks again.
  • I just found a long thread about this brands products but dont know how to delete this one, sorry. But guess some questions are still valid  :P
  • What about ionic brushes? Ranging from 15 to 60 dollars, do they worth the splurge? I read on a blog that unlike ionic hairdryers the brushes work to prevent frizz and improve hair condition in general (specially frizz) since they get in contact wit…
  • Thank you guys, I used alcohol a couple of times, no results yet we will see.....about dye removers, are hard to find in my country, I got one but the instructions specifically says not to use on hair dyed with henna...About strand tests Ill definte…
  • I've been using henna for about 4 years on my brown hair the result used to be a copper color that I liked, but this time I used a different brand and it ended up looking too red from the middle to tips. I know that lawson is a permanent dye but the…

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