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  • lol never heard of carbonic acid in cosmetics before. How does it work? You put it on and it makes your skin plumper by making it bubble?
  • Actually her product "Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum With Retinol" has SD alcohol in it. Think of it what you will, but I think that proves how credible she is.
  • I dont hate Paula or anyone, but she is definitely biased. A couple of years ago Paula and Futurederm had a "falling out" (if you can call it that) where Paula critized Futurederm for saying that alcohol in skin care is safe. Futurederm addressed he…
  • Thanks. That's what I thought. Unfortunately Salicylic acid does nothing for me nor does retinol and BP is out of the question.
  • Helpful as always. :) thanks randy!
  • Was the answer posted on the blog? I might have missed it, if it was.
  • Thanks for the reply Randy. Does this mean that in theory a silicone based foundation would last longer than a water based one? The product in question is this:…
  • Sorry Randy, forgot to add it. Here it is. Turns out it contains kaolin, which I guess "sucks" out the blackheads.

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