foundation match--wow!

I hate liquid foundation, but I've had to resign myself to the fact that powders are drying and nothing creates a base for other face makeup (like blush) like a liquid foundation.  So I've been on a quest for one that doesn't feel heavy.

I had given up on Nars because all of the light shades were wrong on me (too yellow or too pale, or just wrong looking).  None of the sales associates were ever willing to try me in a medium shade, until I happened to show up at the Nars counter when their regional makeup artist was there.  

He took one look at me and gave me a sample of Santa Fe (one of their medium shades).  It actually isn't much darker than the "light" shades, but it's a lot more neutral, and perfect for me.  Healthy looking (i.e. not overly pale) but doesn't add any color to my skin tone.  I'm surprised I could match to a medium shade, but it works!


  • wow, I'm glad you found the perfect shade for your skin! I've hadn't had any luck like that since I started applying make-up (6 years ago!). I'm still on the prowl for the shade that would work best for my skin and not give me a pale, zombie color or one that makes me look like I got "over tanned" in the face area. LoL
  • Yay a foundation match thread!

    Foundation is the hardest thing to find in the right shade and texture, I really dislike that every brand has it's own number system; I know it's wishful thinking but I wish there could be some objective industry standard, like how the internet has RBG or Hex codes for ever colour when coding in HTML, or the printing industry has CMYK, or how Pantone has their own colour system.
    I think it's doable, I read an interesting blog article about how you can make any foundation shade with the primary colours and white:
    Wonder if it's worth starting a petition about it! hahaha!

    This might come in handy doozy and sarah, there are some sites that can match you from a foundation that fits you in one brand to the equivalent shade in another brand.
    Very Handy!

    Sephora did a collaboration with Pantone for their new Colour IQ System, I've heard good things an bad about it. It's great in theory, but the device they use to read your skin colour can have wildly varying results. I've had it done 3 times, and each time I got the same thing: 3Y03. Has anyone else got it done? What's your colour? How consistent was it?

    Funny thing is the Sephora sales lady used this to match me to the NARS tinted moisturizer as Finland. When I used my colour IQ online to match me for the NARS Sheer Glow I got Punjab (medium 1) but when I got matched for the foundation in store Mont Blanc (light 2). Gobi (light 3) was too light and way to yellow and Deauville was too dark. Weird.

    DO YOU MATCH YOUR FOUNDATION TO YOUR FOREHEAD OR CHEEKBONE? I've never really known which was the proper way. I tend to get a bit tanner on the forehead during the summer.

  • Lol.  I got matched to Mont Blanc in Nars Sheer Matte (the old formula).  Now to Santa Fe, which is a medium shade (and oddly enough, in the bottle, doesn't look that much darker than Mont Blanc).  I've used foundation matrix before.  Sephora color IQ actually did suggest Santa Fe for me before, and I dismissed it as being inaccurate because I'm never in a medium shade...  So weird.  Yeah, I had the hardest time with their new foundation.  All the light shades were wrong.  Deauville too yellow, Mont Blanc too pale.  Santa Fe has a nice neutral tone to it which matches me really well, so even if it's a hair dark for my skin, it kind of works because the undertone is right on for me.  

    I have no idea where to match foundation on your face.  I kind of just try it on and see if it looks right.  But technically, to look natural, it should match your neck (which is usually lighter than your face), so I would think swatching on the jaw would be best so you can see if it will match your neck.
  • Emma--so weird.  I just did the color IQ thing on Sephora.  It's the first time a system has matched me using one of my foundations to one of the other foundations I own.  It picked the shade of Becca I wear based on my Nars match.  Usually, that doesn't happen because I'm "medium" in Nars and "fair/light" in everything else I wear.  So maybe there is something to their system.
  • Emma, I went into the store and had them do my color IQ with the actual device thingy.  It does pick shades that are too dark, but if I adjust the lightness, it gets the right undertone (i.e., it comes up with shades that match me).  So I think it is better at getting undertone than light versus dark.  FWIW, I am 1Y07, which would make me solidly medium except that I'm actually fair-light.
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