Lindygirl and others--non-drying primer for oil control (if not an oxymoron)

Okay, I have to admit I'm afraid of primers.  Partly because I tried a sample of a couple of them in years back, and got acne (not rosacea, which I also have, but actual cystic acne pimples); partly because I don't want to add another layer of product to my regimen that might cause a reaction or just be time-consuming.  I know Lindygirl uses the Monistat anti-chafe cream (my local pharmacy has exactly one package of this product in stock, and it has a questionable dent in it that makes it look like it was used and returned--they never seem to re-stock).

At any rate, I am trying out Jane Iredale's pressed powder foundation.  It looks good when I first apply, but quickly becomes cakey over the course of the day as my natural oils come out and I blot, reapply, etc.  

So I'm wondering--does the monistat (or other primer) prevent oiliness (and therefore, cakiness) well?  Are there other primers I should try?  I want one that controls oil, but doesn't actually dry the skin (because too much dryness can trigger rosacea issues).

Thanks, Sarah


  • For reference this is the one I use:

    Using a primer definitely helps powder foundation last better on my skin. Otherwise I get that oily cakey look after a few hours too.

    There are many other primers out there. I have to admit I haven't tried many others. This was one of the first things I ever tried as a primer and it worked so well there was just no need to keep hunting.

    I hope you find something that works for you Sarah!
  • Thanks, Lindygirl.  I think I will hit up another pharmacy for the monistat.  Like I said, my local pharmacy only has one sketchy package and doesn't restock.  So do you apply all over or just in t-zone?  And do you have to wait for your sunscreen to dry down before you spread the primer on?  I just want things to be as efficient as possible…
  • I use a super thin layer of marula oil, let that sink in for maybe two minutes, put on a layer on Blue Lizard sunscreen, let that sink in for at least five minutes, then take a small pea sized amount of the Monistat and spread a thin layer all over my face, skipping the eye area. I let that dry for about two minutes. I generally do my eye makeup first so by the time I get to the foundation, bronzer and blush it has set for a while.

    I figure the sunscreen needs time to sink in and dry down so it does what it is supposed to do effectively. I am using the marula oil in hopes that the antioxidants in it will be beneficial to my skin and help to fight free radicals.

     The brand of marula oil I use is way cheaper than the Vitamin C&E serums touted for use under sunscreen to make the sunscreen work better by scavenging free radicals.

  • Too Faced Primed & Poreless is quite good as is their lid primer, Shadow Insurance.  I haven't used them yet but Hourglass apparently makes excellent base products, incl. a serum primer that may be worth looking at. 

     On a side note, a basic acne regimen treating the acne as a condition rather than a skin type with OTC medication ingredients at the right strengths would be worth trying.  You don't have to suffer with acne and rosacea, a few tweaks to your regimen may set you on the path to clear, less irritated skin.
  • Really late comment here... But I've tried the monistat primer a few years ago. Broke me out horribly and I don't know why! I get the feel that my oily skin was producing sebum as usual but couldn't push through the silicone layer? Not sure YMMV. But I've since sworn off primers for face ... HTH
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