Dr Sivak'a new book "The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care" is out on Amazon.

@Peter Back on the truth is not sexy. Dr Hannah Sivak'a new book "The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care" is out on Amazon. 

Just got a copy to devour. YAY :D

 "Science is based on observation and experimentation as guided by the scientific method. Science is NOT guided by gut feelings, hunches, narratives or fancy stories."
Hannah Sivak, founder of Skin Actives Scientific 

Wanna read from the beginning but I got damned taxes to do. 
Leaving procrastination city & going to get down & dirty with the receipts. 

After that... Xmas... and then... it might be my holiday reading material :) Tempted to skip to the Pigmentation chapter ... but ... i shall read from the beginning. 

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