Are silicones soluble in oil?

I have just recently (today, actually) started to use a LOT of silicone serum in my hair (very thick, very coarse, long, rough, dry). I find it works very nicely, but I have heard it's hard to remove. Firstly, is there any reason TO remove it? What happens if you leave silicone serum in your hair forever? What's the downside? Secondly, is silicone soluble in oil? I only shampoo my hair once a week, after doing a coconut oil mask for 24h. If I apply the oil to my hair, would it dissolve the silicone and make it much easier to remove with the use of shampoo?


  • Is there any reason to not remove serums? I don't understand...the only way to not remove it/leave it in your hair forever is to never wash your hair. Coconut oil will not make serums easier to remove because dimethicone (the type of silicone used in serums) is not soluble in coconut or other organic oils.
  • Let me clarify... I have heard that silicones are hard to fully wash out of hair. So it partially sticks on the strands and makes it look rough, the way chipped nail polish makes the texture look and feel rough on the nail. Is there any truth to this? If silicones are not oil soluble and not water soluble, then what removes them efficiently? If I have silicone in my hair, and then I want to do an coconut oil treatment, will it stop the oil from sinking in? Thanks!
  • For the most part this is a myth. We've talked to some of the top experts in the world for silicone chemistry and they say that shampoo will remove silicone just fine. If your hair is really porous you might need a second shampooing or make sure you're using a deep cleansing shampoo that is silicone free. I've never seen any data that says silicone residue makes hair look or feel rough.
  • As for as I am concerned I wouldn't used slicon in my hair I don't think so it is slouble in oil or in water so it would be better not to used it for the softness of hair for hair loss you can consult Islamabad best hair restoration clinic for better recommendation and results..
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