Bleaching over coconut oil

I'm getting ready to bleach my hair and have seen online people recommending to use coconut oil before the process. I have already done a coconut oil mask a few days before in preparation, but some people recommend to even leave it in for the bleaching process. Does this really protect the hair during the process? And could it react with or even stop the bleach and developer from working to its fullest potential? Thank you!


  • I haven't seen any data on this but it's coconut oil does penetrate hair to water proof it from the inside out. Since the bleaching solution is water based it makes sense that the oil could inhibit its penetration as well. If that's the case the oil treatment could reduce the damage from bleaching but also reduce the bleaching efficacy which would be a problem.
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    if the skin is sensitive then, coconut oil is recommended to use before bleaching..coconut oil nourishes the skin, but yes as oil work as a lubricant so it protect skin from harmful effect of bleach or protect skin membrane from certain damage also reduces the bleaching a day pre-bleach is available in market .. that can be taken as a considerable option for sensitive skins.. regards kristina associated with xxx.
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  • There is a german stylist (Dennis Busch) making youtube vids about Olaplex and Keraphlex. He usually uses conventional products. But in one of his comments he affirmed, that he noticed a slight protecting effect from coconut oil pretreatments he tried before bleaching. He himself was surprised about these results.
  • I can only say from my experience. Coconut oil does protect well during bleaching and it does take a bit longer for the bleach to work. Again, like Olaplex: you need to bump the volume to get the same lightening result as without it. With coconunt oil I don't bump the volume, just increase sitting time. Don't know but it surely works for me. Might be different on different hair type though.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us magicscalpel.. :)
  • I've tried it and the hair colour still worked fine. The larger problem actually was that when my hair was saturated in coconut oil it made the colour very runny and it was difficult to stop it from dripping down my forehead.
  • Interesting thing I did read, that a great deal of oxidative damage is caused during bleaching hair when hydrogen peroxide reacts with metal ions on the hair and create free radicals, specifically copper ions moreso than iron ions.
    This is why "gradual" hair colours or henna dyed hair can't be later redyed with conventional permanent dyes without compromising the structural integrity, they contain metallic salts.
    And why you should chelate your hair before permanent colour if you live in a municipality with hard water. (Chelating agents remove metal ions by binding to them)
    I believe coconut oil is a mild chelant for copper ions? This might be why it protects the hair from damage when bleaching. I'll try to find a source on chelating agents in coconut oil.
    By the way, there is a chellant that's really good at selectively binding to copper (the main culprit in hair damage when colouring) rather than iron. Look for N-ethylenediamine disuccinic acid (EDDS), I think that will work better than coconut oil.
  • If you're interested here's P&Gs patent for EDDS.

    It's featured in the Pantene Damage Detox line of shampoos.
  • Sleep in it the night before. I've started doing this and it really does work wonders. Coconut oil has saved my hair from so much damage. I put more on before toning or dying my hair too.
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