Benefits of Hair Extensions?

One of my friends suggested me to get for hair extensions in order to look attractive. Can anyone let me know if there are any side effects of applying for Hair extensions?


  • If the hair extensions are too heavy or left in your hair too long, they can pull your hair out from the roots. This is a form of baldness called Traction Alopecia. Not everyone experiences this problem.
  • My $.02 on extensions:

    Awhile back, due to an extended drug therapy, I had a significant hair loss, so when it started growing back, I got extensions to help 'fill in' a bit, for about a year so. While the effect was nice, here are some lessons learned:

    1. Cost - initial install + updates every 6 weeks $$$$
    2. Can't go swimming- you can but you risk the bonds dissolving and losing wefts
    3. Oh be careful, they will tear out/shed of a pull, tug, brush too vigorously, lie down on them
    4. Its great hair(the euro) but it is heavy and hot, can get itchy
    5. When you do decide to not have them anymore - you will see that where your hair bonded to the wefts, there are a lot of your hairs that have torn off, due to stress of having that bond on them. Depending on how many bonds you have - this could be enough to see. A bunch of little 1/2 inch hairs sticking off your head, like a baby duck.

    Suggestion: Order a set of human hair clip-in extensions. Safer, easier to use. Better lifecycle cost profile. You can have them cut & colored to match and you just put in what you need and take out when you don't.
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