Does ACV Rinse have any bad side effects to the hair?

Up untill May of this year I lived in a house for three years that had hard water. I didnt even know there was such things and did every possible thing to fix my hair because it was dry and would break from even brushing it. I removed products with silicone, used clarifying shampoo, and changed hair brushes. No hairstylist pin pointed it hard water. They would say it seems like my hair has been in a lot of chlorine(but I dont swim) or im using too much or too little conditoner. Fast forward to now im living in a house with soft water as I did for most of my life and noticed my hair improved signifcantly. However, I hadnt realized that I needed to still removed the mineral deposits that were left in my hair from the water in the house that I stayed in for the past 3 years. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water can help remove mineral build up. I cautiously attempted it and must admit that my hair feels like its old pre hard water self lol. I can easily brush tangles and run my fingers through my hair with no breakage. It also made my hair feel really soft. I followed up with a protein mask instead of conditiner since I just happned to have not used the mask in a while. I dont know if one time was enough to do the acv rinse, so I wanted to ask if even though the acve rinse seems to have worked should I avoid it and get a chelating shampoo because the acv might damage the hair in the long run. Some one told me that acv opens the hair cuticle and then its hard to close not sure if thats true. To add someone told that clarifying and chelating are interchangable, but I dont think so because while I have not tried a chelating shampoo I have tryed clarifying and it did nothing to remove the mineral buildup. Thank you and look forward to hearing from someone. -Um-e


  • I haven't seen evidence that ACV rinsing provides much benefit for hair except for perhaps removing mineral buildup. I don't think it causes much harm either.
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