Scrubs that are ok for your face?

So I've read enough info about harsh scrubs to be finally convinced that they are indeed bad for my skin. my acne really has seemed to get better since I stopped (it took a while). However, I still really want some kind of manual exfoliation. Are there any good gentle scrubs out there (without microbeads)?

I do use chemical exfoliation, but I have really sensitive skin so the only one I can tolerate is pretty weak (Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 W). my skin seems to like it well enough but I still feel the need for extra exfoliation once a week. When I was using both a scrub plus the lotion P50, my skin would look SO glowy the next day! (it's weird, my skin is super sensitive to chemicals but seemed to not be irritated by st ives scrub. go figure.)


  • Hi there! I'm actually surprised that your skin can handle P50W. There are some irritating ingredients in there. The main ingredients are PHA gluconolactone and AHA lactic acid. I suggest trying Exuviance products or Clinique Turnaround Concentrate, especially since they are affordable and readily available. I do like manual exfoliation too, but I honestly think all you need is a washcloth. I use a face wash in the morning, but I use a creamy cleanser and a washcloth to remove my makeup at night. It provides just enough exfoliation without irritating my skin. If you still want a scrub, try the reformulated Clinique 7 Day Scrub. It originally had polyethylene beads, but now it contains silica, which is still very gentle. Boots at Target also makes a Sensitive Jelly Ball Scrub made with silica.
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