Irish spring soap

Can a skin ever be too acidic? I've been using irish spring soap for all my life on my face. My face had never had any bad breakouts, if I did it would just be one pimple everytime my hormones goes out of wack. Anyway my skin was perfect. Then a friend pointed out to me that using bar soap on face may be good and dandy right now but in the long run once I turn 30 or 40, it will ruin my face. So I decided to use a low ph cleanser, but my face broke out after using a cleanser so I was wondering if my face likes the alkalinity or my face is just way to acidic and i needed normal soap for my face to be happy. I dont understand.


  • amyamy
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    everybody has very different needs when it comes to skincare. that's why there are so many kinds of cleansers on the market! your friend is probably just parroting what she/he read in a magazine. if this soap works for you and doesn't make your face react in any way, then it's fine. be sure it isn't too dry -- does it feel tight or peel?

    what I've learned about preventing aging (after decades of absorbing advice):
    1. most important of all: WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY, spf 15 or higher. even if you are not fair skinned.
    2. use a retinoid or some kind of chemical exfoliant when the first traces of fine lines start showing up.
    3. try to be as healthy as you can - drink water, get sleep, eat healthy, avoid vices (or do them in moderation if you must).

    I have to admit that I have some vices (I drink and occasionally smoke), but I was religious about sunscreen since I was 13, and added retinol as an adult. I'm 41 and people are shocked by the fact that I look so much younger than that. (I also eat healthy and get a lot of rest.)
  • Thank you amy! ❤
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