Foreo UFO Light therapy / sheet mask device

Wondering if anyone has prepurcased/funded the kickstart for the new Foreo UFO light therapy device? I am thinking about it - I have the Issa toothbrush and luna2 facial cleanser made my the same company and am very impressed with this products. Not sure about this red blue green light therapy or the studies behind it. Would love to know your thoughts!


  • The LED face mask works through the use of different lights that trigger different healing reactions from the skin. You can use it as often as you want as there are no side effects. LED light therapy was initially a program used in the military to boost recovery form injuries. Until recently it was strictly used in hospitals for skin rejuvenation. However, be sure that the face mask you purchase is LED as other masks could be harmful since lights apart from LED are known to emit UV rays. If you want to know more about the specific functions of each light, this guide could benefit you greatly.
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