Over-makeup Sunscreen Dupe?

Hi Beauty Brains,

Some people use aerosol body sunscreen instead of pricier over-makeup SPF sprays. However, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray comes with the warning: "Do not spray directly into face." If I close my eyes and mouth, why shouldn't I spray it on my face?

Also, any cheaper sprays similar to UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray?


  • I think there is just a general warning to not spray products directly into your face. The company is just being extra cautious because sunscreen sprays are technically not allowed according to FDA regulations.

    Pretty much any standard sunscreen spray should work as a replacement for the UncompliKated product.
  • Never, ever spray straight into your face. Spray sunscreens work effectively if you apply correctly: Spray until you see it on the skin, rub it in afterward, and reapply often. Never spray sunscreen directly into your face and avoid inhaling it. If you can, use lotion on kids, but some SPF if always better than no SPF. Here Makeup For Beginners
  • no don't have any experince of it yet ...
  • a spray would get the product all over your eyelids, which means it will run into your eyes when you open them. also, these kinds of sunscreens are so greasy, they'll mess up your makeup. finally: chemical sunscreens need to sink into your skin, so I'm guessing your makeup is going to act like a barrier to that. better off just finding a decent daily SPF lotion and put it on under your makeup, or get a mineral powder SPF and brush it on.

    honestly, sprays don't even work better than lotions - you still have to rub them in once applied. and you can't recycle the cans. I think they're gimmicky, and terrible for the environment.
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