Hairbrush Lint

Hi guys! Long time, since I asked something around here, but this one has me stumped...

My fiancé has a problem: she not only has hair that builds up in her hairbrush (normal), but also lint. Any ideas as to why this happens or how to remedy the problem? The beads at the end of the brush strands make it almost impossible to clean the brush!

My only thought is something to do with the hair cuticle acting as "velcro" and holding small strands of fuzz that get brushed out. But this leads me to question why this doesn't happen to everyone... Thanks for any/all insights! Cheers!


  • Is your fiance a sheep?
  • I get this too when I start using a new towel to dry my hair. Towels have lots of fuzz/lint until they’ve been washed several times. It’s probably from some linty fabric (clothing/towels/bedding) your fiancé is using.
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