Looking for a Beauty Brains blog post on Treseme Split Remedy.

It was explaining that it had a polymer that could temporarily bind split ends together. I can't find the search function on the blog now and have been having less useful results with it now for a few years.


  • Here’s the link:
    The ingredient that binds split ends together is called a polyelectrolyte complex. It is made using polyquaternium 28 and PVM/MA copolymer. I read that post when it first came out and I bookmarked it because the split-mending products were amazing. One was Tres Semme Split Remedy and the other one was Nexus split end binding serum… I can’t remember the exact name. But appears that they have both been discontinued. I Keep looking for serums with those ingredients. So far I’ve only found that Tres Semme Keratin Smooth leave in treatment has it. It is pretty good but it’s not as good as the older products. I don’t know why companies aren’t making hair serums with that polyelectrolyte complex. I think they should market it as a de-frizzer rather than a split end binder. It was an amazing de-frizzer.
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