Does toothpaste really help to remove acne on the face?

Does toothpaste really help to remove acne on the face? Any suggestions...


  • No, toothpaste does not remove acne on face.
  • I aslo heard about it that the toot past can hlep to remove the acne from the face I tryied it as well but sometime it removes some time not...
  • I have also heard from many people that acne is removed from tooth paste. And I have tried a couple of times but I have not had any benefits.I used this cream so that I have benefited a lot. That is why I ask you to use this cream.
  • I also heard about it that The use of toothpaste on pimples to help with alleviating the symptoms of acne may not be common, but has been touted by many as a potential acne home remedy cure.

    Sufferers of acne will typically give consideration to a wide assortment of different treatments in their efforts to rid themselves of stubborn pimples which just will not go away. However, it is important to be objective and ensure that you look at a broad range of potential approaches to cure your pimple problem. So, can applying toothpaste on acne actually help, or is it a complete myth?

    Acne is in effect just a clogged pore that traps bacteria and oils inside itself. Toothpaste treats cavities and cavities are basically caused by bacteria that live in your mouth and on your teeth. Toothpaste generally contains three active ingredients which can help fight acne.Here the solution:

    I Hope this is helpful...
  • I don't think so the tootpaste can really help you to remove the ance from your face I did tried it but the not really working it might be vary from person to person .. for cosmetic information you can visit best Pakistan hair restoration center....
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