Jaclyn Hill Controversey

What problems in a cosmetics factory could cause huge quality issues in a lipstick?

About a month ago, a huge beauty guru named Jaclyn Hill released a line of lipsticks that had numerous reported defects. Since the problems with the products went viral, more and more people reported finding small white fibers in the lipsticks, bumps and lumps, and tiny black bits. Some speculated that the lipsticks were moldy.

One of the explanations for the small white fibers was the workers using white fabric gloves to handle the products, is that normal in a factory?

Here's a quick summary of the controversey:

Should this product have been recalled?


  • Well some time when a new products launce then are certain things to do to get the attention and reviews from the audience and poeple who are using it but it should be very effective and no side effects ...
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