Do multiple layers of encapsulation matter?

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Hi Perry and Valarie,
Big time fan here, I have been binging all of your iTunes episodes, they are really fun to listen to on my walk to school. Maybe I should change my major haha.
I have a question about formulation for you. I have heard of oil in water and vice versa formulation. But I came across the brand CureCode that says they have what it looks like oil-in-water-in-oil-in-water formulation, that each layer encapsulate ingredients and over-all remember skin barrier more.
Is this even an interesting or novel technology? How do they make sure each ingredients layer up like they show in the photo? If they can do this, does this make any difference to the product, in term of aesthetic or efficacy?
My main concern about this is whether or not this technology can work to deliver or preserve ingredients better, is there any evidence of it working better on skin, compared to the more common emulsion technique. I would like to support this brand if they are doing some interesting research, but I'm mildly worried it's just a marketing ploy.
Thank you so much!
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