Good article about blackheads.

It makes me feel better that those buggers are not a skin sin after all.


  • Good article!
  • Thank you--love it! I may have to Facebook post.
  • Reading Jezebel makes me feel like there I want to embrace all the women who post there. A lot. And tell them to raise daughters who care so little. Though that would be bad for me financially as I intend to be in the cosmetic industry for the rest of my life :D
  • I think some people derive too much pleasure from popping them. Yes, I've glimpsed the dark corners of the internet devoted to blackhead/zit popping.
  • Ewww yuck. I have heard people say its satisfying but I could never understand why.
  • I love extracting my blackheads...
  • Extraction hurts like hell.
  • But it is so enjoyable, even the pain is kind of sweet, lol, it's the only pleasure of having acne
  • Extraction is about enjoyable as being kicked repeatedly in the vulva. Never again.
  • Individuals having oily skin are more prone to blackheads. Other factors that increase chances of developing acne and blackheads include a buildup of bacteria on the skin, irritation of hair follicles resulting from dead skins cells buildup, hormonal changes, and taking birth control pills or certain drugs. Read more...
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