Which kind of vitamin C is best for skin? The Beauty Brains Show episode 31

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What’s the best kind of vitamin C for skin? Plus: Randy and I talk about the experimental MINK makeup printer. Click below to play Episode 31 or click “download” to save the MP3 file to your computer. Show notes Beauty Science News 3D printing comes to cosmetics! This week we discuss the pros and cons of […] Which kind of vitamin C is best for skin? The Beauty Brains Show episode 31


  • Thank you for the breakdown of the difference between the different Vitamin C options!

    I have the misfortune of breaking out from all forms of Vitamin C.I am a huge advocate for it however.

    I noticed that Ester C didn’t make it on the lineup for review.

    Ascorbic Acid is the most effective water-soluble form of Vitamin C but what are your thoughts on Ester C as an effective fat-soluble form of Vitamin C?
  • Ester-C is the calcium salt of ascorbic acid and it's typically sold as a dietary supplement, taken orally. I've never seen any data related to using it topically. Of course there's also Ester-X which travels back from the future to fight free radicals. But we'll have to wait until this weekend to find out if that really works or not. 
  • Skincare companies are just starting to market that they have Ester C in them stating that it's a higher Ph (Ph 7) and that since it is fat-soluble it is more effective and stable on skin.

    Dr. Perricone started it a few years ago with his product "Vitamin C Ester 15"..here are it's claims.

    What is it: Vitamin C Ester 15 represents one of Dr. Perricone's most advanced revolutionary technologies. Patented for topical application, Vitamin C Ester 15 is formulated with the highest concentration of Vitamin C Ester available in any Dr. Perricone product, at 15%--making it a powerful treatment to help fight free radical attack.

    Why is it different: Vitamin C Ester is composed of natural vitamin C fused with a fatty acid derived from palm oil. This combination creates a fat-soluble chemical bond that works on three levels. One, it works on the skin structure to maintain firmness and tone; two, it dramatically improves texture; three, it restores the radiance and glow of youthful skin in only seven days.

    Now, for the record..I have a love/hate relationship with anything related to Dr. Perricone so I automatically eye roll at his blow hard write-ups then wonder if I should reach for my wallet.

    Other brands jumping on the Ester C train are JASON Skincare, Serious Skincare and Kiss My Face.

    Since this is a newer trend I am still trying to gather data before I recommend it to clients.

    I personally think the Ester-X sounds like an amazing ingredient and prefer Professor X to Perricone any day!

  • I'd be curious to see the data on how well Ester C bio-converts to ascorbic acid.
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