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  • Dear randy l sign in  but they  wont  accept my password  this is why l am sending this email today can you accept my  email  and  tell about this email l have send you on your beauty brains show its about  this herbal ointment malady  made in usa  can you find it for me the ingredients are Lavender oil papaya and asparagus root and spearmint and saw palmetto  they say it really work  by Dissolves and destroys the hair root  there is other herbals in it too  as l got white hair on the face laser will is no good at all  thats a fact  who can help me  as l need people to contact me on the show  as l am really feb up now really am every day l have to wax my face l am so so feb up with it all really am as this rub-on gel come out yet yes or no cidofovir three percent how  much is it were can l get it from  or will this block androgen cream will do what will work for me thankyou.
  • If you're trying to find a product to stop facial hair from growing you might find helpful information here: Do hair growth inhibitors really work? Episode 57
  • Randy I am learning about essential oil and how they work. Do you ever address this topic? I want to make lotions,soaps,hair lose, lighting skin too, plus a few other products. Can this site be a help to me? Thank you for your reply.
  • We do touch on essential oils on occasion but we typically don't write about how to make your own products. You might find better information at our sister website, 

    Good luck! 
  • Hi randy,
    I don't normally use hair products, especially heat protectant sprays. I use a straightener on my hair everyday, and have been wondering if I need to use a heat protectant spray. Do heat protectant sprays really work? If they work, what types of ingredients should I look for. Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi randy,
    I'm facing hair fall problem when I'm shifted to new place. can you help me for what food and precaution should be taken.
  • Unless you've had a drastic change in your diet, I doubt that food is the cause. Perhaps you should check with your doctor in case it's a medical condition. 
  • ohkk thanku rendy

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    I wanted to know what you think of Sun In or the Sheer Blonde line of products for lightening blonde hair. Do they really work? Do they turn your hair orange? Would Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner be enough to lighten hair or should I try the spray or shower treatment also available? Will these cause my hair to fallout? I have had my hair highlighted in the past and I didn't know if these would be less damaging? Please help!!
  • Sheer blonde is from John Freida go blonder products.
  • Does the Lightening spray cause blonde hair to turn orange or fall out?
  • In general, bleaching can damage hair which leads to breakage. Bleaching of certain colors can shift the shade.
  • What is the difference between the lightening spray and the John Freida go blonder shower in treatment? Would the shower in treatment really work to lighten hair without a Blow dryer? I always thought it was the combination of the sun or is it just heat? I'm confused.
  • It's the peroxide that lightens hair. Not the heat. The sun might help a very small amount. The spray has a lower amount of peroxide because it's left in your hair to work over time. The in shower treatment has a higher amount of peroxide and it only left in the hair for 5 minutes.
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