Teeth Whiteners

Whitening strips or whitening toothpaste?
What is the best way to get rid of yellow teeth? (and the safest-my teeth are very pain sensitive which my dentist says is due to a lessening of enamel).


  • That's not an area where we've done a lot of research but whitening strips work better because they contain a higher concentration of peroxide and they keep it in better contact with the surface of the teeth. Dentists use peroxide too so I'm not sure why yours says their unsafe. (Unless used too frequently perhaps?)
  • my dentist told me that whitening toothpastes just contain ingredients that only scrub off surface stains, and can wear down enamel eventually. bleaches are better because they penetrate the surface. supposedly it's better to just bleach occasionally and then use a sensitive toothpaste every day. 

    however, I'm actually confused about the toothpaste thing. from what I unserstand, silica is the ingredient that provides the stain-scrubbing benefits. when I started comparing labels, I saw that they literally all have it -- even ones that do not advertise to be a whitening product. 
  • That's true - silica is a standard toothpaste ingredient. Maybe your dentist is talking about other scrubbing ingredients? 
  • Whitening strips work better. I used White Crest and it did wonders
  • There is not one way but many ways to have white teeth in your mouth. The sugars we consume and the tobacco we smoke tend to make our teeth yellow. Among all of it, the best tried and tested one is to rub some activated charcoal power over your teeth. This powder is safe to be put into the mouth and has properties of removing all the plaque and yellow tinge from your teeth. You can also get some charcoal teeth whitening strips in the market that can give quicker results too. You can also check out some fantastic teeth whitening ideas over here.
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