Lipstick Storage to preserve its shelf life.

I've amassed lot of lipstick (especially in the last 4 years but have stopped now and am using what I have). I am wondering how best to store it so that will still be usable in the future and how long I can keep them for. 

The brands are Revlon Superlustrous and various Avon ones.  Most have not been opened and are still sealed.

Any advice would be appreciated as I don't want to waste anything. 


  • Storing cosmetics away from light in a cool place is best. You can try storing in the fridge (not the freezer) but watch for "weeping" which means that oil droplets start to form on the surface of the lipstick. 
  • Hi Randy,  Thanks so much for your reply - very much appreciated.  Approximately how many years can I store these lipsticks until they are unfit to use.  Also, if the 'weeping' occurs is that a sign the lipstick has expired ?


  • If the lipstick still has good consistency and it doesn't taste funny, it's probably fine to use. They can easily last a few years. The "weeping" just means that some of the oil has leached out of the wax which could make the stick drier and brittle. 
  • I've resuscitated lipsticks that are years and years old.  I just use a lip balm before using the desiccated (dried out) lipstick and it glides right on.  Maybe it isn't advisable, but I do it.
  • Hi Sarahf,

    Thanks for this great information.  I'll try that for older lipsticks which still taste and smell OK - usually once the taste or scent changes I toss those as I get a reaction to them - dry, peeling and oozing lips - lovely !

    Also, I tried Vaseline on the lipsticks that were dry (but otherwise OK) - I just smeared a bit all over the lipstick so that it didn't dry out and the lipstick was useable.

  • Yeah, I've never had a lipstick get a weird taste or smell--mine just usually dry out.
  • I wonder if it's more the super moisturizing ones that would get weird taste/smell.  On the theory that maybe they contain almost more like a cream base.  I seem to buy lipsticks that require a separate lip balm because they aren't that creamy.
  • Hi Sarah,

    I think that lipsticks such as the Avon and the Revlon Superlustrous nowadays use some natural ingredients in them as well as the traditional ones. For me, I need moisturising lipstick otherwise I get dry scaly lips.

  • My solution is lip balm first, then lipstick.  I never apply lipstick without a balm underneath it (and the lip balm I use has spf, so it does double duty).
  • That is very helpful - also for me the 'expiry' dates help me from hoarding makeup. Most of the time I can finish the lipstick before it gets old. 
  • Also, about how long to keep unopened lipstick - approximately what is the cut-off time e.g. 5 years, 10 years ? Reason for asking is that I have amassed a ridiculous amount of it with many dupes.


  • The main brand is Revlon Superlustrous - we have the USA made ones.

    Reason for amassing/hoarding this stuff was that I was going through a very bad time in my life and that is now thankfully over ! Some of the stuff does remind me of that time though. 

  • Nice very informative thank you for sharing!!
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  • if I think I'm going to store it for a while, I spritz it with rubbing alcohol and wipe a layer off with a tissue. then I just keep it in a cool, dry cabinet. if you're extra worried, maybe the fridge is a good idea.

    this is probably going to sound kind of weird and maybe ill advised, but I've kept some lipsticks for a really long time (like a decade) and never had an issue. I always wipe a layer off again before using.
  • Not eveyone satisfied with the things they are using such most of the ladies are not very much satisfied from the lipstic they are using ...
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