Mushrooms for thicker hair?

I just read this article from Well & Good about a new hair system to improve hair health.
"The magic ingredient? Mushroom. Or to be more exact, ergothioneine, which is an ultra-powerful antioxidant that naturally occurs in the adaptogenic fungus and has the power to deliver serious doses of nutrients straight to depleted cells that cause thinning hair, Dr. Hausman explains."

Any thoughts on the scientific validity of anything mentioned in the article?


  • I took a quick look at this yesterday but it's more involved than I expected. My first impression is that there MAY be something to this if you have a certain type of hair loss caused by a certain type of oxidative damage. I'm trying to track down their clinical study to understand exactly what they tested and what kind of results they found. If I learn anything I'll let you know.  
  • I'd just be nervous about introducing fungus in the bathroom which is dumb, I know, but it's that neat freak in me, you know? I know there's no way for spores to somehow propegate from a shampoo bottle to infest a bathroom with tons of mushrooms everywhere, but it just freaks me out. just saying. 
  • In this case I wouldn't worry. Mushrooms are notoriously difficult to cultivate. 
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