Would anyone like to contribute an audio question for the Beauty Brains Show?

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Hopefully our Faithful Forum Fanatics are aware of the Beauty Brains podcast. (If not, you can check out the show here.)

Perry and I would love to have some one "call in" to the show with a question except that we don't really have a way to connect a phone line to the podcast recording session. So, instead, would anyone be willing to record themselves asking a question in an MP3 file and send it to us? (You could use the voice memo app on your phone as well.) 

Let me know and we'll work out the particulars. (We'd want you to introduce yourself some how even if you don't want to use your real name.)



  • Hi Beauty Brains. I just spontaneously blabbered a question into my phone's voice memo app. I can send it to you by email, if you like. What is your email address? Gail :D
  • You can email the file to me at thebeautybrains@gmail.com. If we think it'll work for the podcast I'll let you know. Thanks for blabbing! 
  • Hey, other than Gail is there anybody else out there willing to give this a shot? 

    COME ON, it'll be fun! 

    You'll to hear your voice on the Beauty Brains Show. 

    You can brag to all your friends! 


  • I would but my netbook is slow and microphone sound quality sucks.
  • We'd still love to hear from you!
  • I love youz guyz! I will send you a question! Tell me how.
  • Can't wait until I become famous!!!
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    Sarah, I can't remember if I already told you this but the episode with your question is scheduled to air Feb 4. 
  • Looking forward to my 10 seconds of fame;)
  • I'm very super famous! Thanks for the great show!
  • Thanks for being brave enough to submit your question, Sarah. We haven't had as many submissions as we had expected from our Forum members. Maybe it's just too much of a hassle to do the recording? Are people too shy? I don't know.  
  • I'm apparently exhibitionistic enough that you may have me "calling in" repeatedly for my 10 seconds of fame;)
  • I'm pretty exhibitionist... (how terrible does that sound, I'm an open person sounds better no?) but I don't think the mic on my laptop works...
  • Hey brainy exhibitionist - if you have a smart phone of any kind you can record a voice memo on that! 
  • Oh I did forget about my old frenemy Siri.

  • I bet you're just afraid that your Sephora customers may recognize your voice on our show. 
  • I'm sure there's a voice distorter app available :)
  • This week Darth Vader asks...
  • I just tried it and interestingly, my recorded voice sounds nothing like I sound in person. No Darth Vader app needed.

    I will admit it was tempting, but I did resist.
    Randy I just sent it into the beauty brains email. Hope it works for the show :)
  • Got it. You'll be famous beyond words in just a few short weeks. 
  • I'd like to contribute, but I need to formulate a good question first!
  • Thanks Michelle! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  • Hi brains, I have a question, but...well, I am shy! Can I ask it it writing? I just hate the way my voice sounds on tape.
  • Sure, Anna, you can just post it to the Forum. 
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    My question is for Randy, I read your profile, and it says you're also an inventor and futurist. Where do you see the regenerative medicine (IE stem cells, and the incorporation gene therapy, or ideas like HAM jelly), being incorporated into cosmetic science? For example, will we see a moisturizing sunscreen, that also protects from not just free radicals, but viruses and retroviruses? What kinds of cosmetic innovations, and hopefully cosmetic industry revolutions will we see in the future. What kinds of ideas do you have for cosmetic design for products, as well as treatment?

    Oh, where do I call in, I will go ahead and ask.

  • You must have read Perry's profile. He's the one who claims to be an inventor and futurist. You raise some interesting questions but they're probably not the typical problem/solution issues we deal with on the podcast.  
  •  I did mean Perry's profile sir, lol I'm sorry, I was so focused of trying to word my question in a way that made sense. I realize it isn't the typical problem answer solution, and that's why I was so curious why I wanted an insider's perspective. I understand if it's an issue to answer the question on the podcast, but if you two ever find that Left Brain Right Brain or Cerebellum feel the need to take a crack at it, I would deeply be interested in what any of them have to say. :)

     I do actually have another question however for either of you. With the advancements we've made in skin patches that for all intents and purposes, is basically new skin, why aren't scientists testing products on these skin patches and a rig to produce nerves and blood vessels to be a mock of real human flesh. I know lab rats are genetically close to humans, after in vivo trials, but it's been proven their skin still reacts differently in some ways, to ours, and then when you consider that each human ethnicity's skin reacts differently to certain chemicals, rat skin is simply not close enough for safety or efficacy testing. I mean maybe not human skin patches, or a crazy Myth buster styled rig to simulate the behind the scenes functions of the skin, but something in that ball park. My point is rats seem not only out dated for testing, but kind of unsafe, in this new age for testing, and why hasn't there been some engineering to change it?

  • There is some testing in this regard but who know if if it'll ever be successful. 
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