Don’t be duped by drugstore doubles

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Learn how to tell if a drugstore double is really the same as your favorite brand.  Click below to play Episode 65 or click “download” to save the MP3 file to your computer. Show notes Review us on iTunes! Thanks to the following fans for reviewing us on iTunes this week! Brebum Leo178 PamG Zibett PLEASE […] Don’t be duped by drugstore doubles


  •  Could you guys do like a special dedicated to a review on the efficacy of the different types of lasers, non- laser treatments, as well esthetician tools, and home purchasable products using similar tech, to correct a myriad of conditions ranging from acne scars, to fat removal, to hair removal? 

     It's would be nice to know what laser or methods work, what methods have no scientific trials, or evidence, and information regarding each laser and non-laser's short term and long term affects to the body, and risks.

     As far as the at home versions and the esthetician tools, It would be nice to know how effective the best of each type of tech for any condition has to offer, and finally your consensus of is it worth the home purchase, for continual applications to rid the problem permanently, or a few short treatments in an offices.

    BTW, TY Perry for the loop hole in copying cosmetics!!! :D I didn't even think about checking patents for cosmetic reverse engineering and tweeking. Plus it never occurred to me professional products wouldn't have patents. That is pretty great to know. :D

    Randy if you wouldn't mind expanding on the silicone and X ingredient combination that makes for better silicone dispersal, I would appreciate it! :o  So far, I prefer to use silicone when I can, and I'm curious to know what you came up with. I'm still pretty know at this stuff.

    Thank you so much for the pod cast, those two things were invaluable, I hope I can learn more about the silicone combination especially!  


    I think it would be nice to also touch on how LED therapy has been and will continue to be ineffective.

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