Can gene therapy diagnose your anti-aging needs?

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In this Christmas Eve eve episode Perry and I talk about several new anti-aging trends and technologies. Plus a special prison-themed edition of Improbable Products! Click below to play Episode 62 or click “download” to save the MP3 file to your computer. Show notes Improbable Products I read an article about fake makeup in prison which […] Can gene therapy diagnose your anti-aging needs?


  • haha, look in their genes. heh, dirty.

    So mucus is already being used in anti aging too?  -_-  Can you guys comment if anyone's already tagged human mucus though?

    What's so crazy about genetic testing for better skin care. It makes sense. Assuming that we have a better under understanding of each gene and how they effect each function of the body and brain since the mid 2000's. You're right the tech isn't here yet, but it will be eventually. Don't dismiss the concept advancement, because they might be the innovators of that technology.

    Anyways. Botox and fillers are temp. You might as well microderms, peels, or surgery. -_-

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