Name your favorite non-crunchy, non-sticky hair mousse

I'm looking for a hair mousse that won't get sticky or crunchy or build up in my hair.  I like a mousse that provides volume and/or enhances wavy texture (I have fine, wavy hair), and I'm open to salon or drugstore products.  I adore Oribe surfcomber tousled texture mousse, but it does get sticky and build up if I use it daily.  So I'm looking for something to alternate that with.


  • I worked on the Tresemme mousses which use a double polymer system that's pretty good. You might try one of those. 
  • Thanks Randy:)
  • Just wanted to post an update.  I'm using a tresemme mousse and it's going pretty well.  It isn't the absolute best styling product I've ever used (it's a little tiny bit sticky, depending upon how much I use, so my hair can have a stiffer, drier feel), but it definitely gives my hair more body than the other ones I've recently tried and doesn't make it majorly sticky or tangly.  I may try some of their other mousses to see if I can hit upon the exact right one for my hair type.
  • Glad to hear you're having some success. Keep up posted!
  • I've used the Dove style+care nourishing whipped creme mousse before and had good results.  It can feel a little too creamy if you use too much though so beware. Made my hair (very fine) feel soft.  I do think it depends on the amount of product you use.
  • Since 2012, Dove and Tresemme are owned by the same company (Unilever.) It will be interesting to watch the ingredient lists to see if they consolidate their formulas. (i.e., use Dove in TResemme or TResemme in Dove.) 
  • Interesting Hillary.  I used Sebastian Whipped Creme mousse for a long time.  But recently discovered it was making my hair TOO soft.  Not giving me enough hold/body.  So that is why I am trying other products.
  • That, I believe, is the good and bad with hair mousse :(   Either too soft or too crunchy.  Hope you find the product that works for you!  
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