Cosmetic trends`

I have a few questions under this idea.

One being the natural/holistic thing, I'm sick of it being the focus, do you think it's on it's way out? If not, like since you have the prof exp, and you've seen this before I'm sure, could you give this a good time estimate on it's TOD?

Cause I have some pretty cool ideas on crazy themes for you guys to get stuck w/ next!!! :P

(Oh yeah, some of them I'm sorta half way serious about, and other totally JK!!!)

1. I was thinking like a sort of REPO! The Genetic Opera theme, You know where like every product has some sort of artificially grown human component, like HAM, or something donated from people but stripped of genetic material and antigen to produce super efficient cosmetics, This one is a joke, I thought I would clarify, but I did get a little oddly specific. The joke being instead of wearing a face, produce one. ... Idk if anyone got that so I just figured I'd explain it...

2. My next idea is sort of dumb, but I want to see if it'd actually work on people other than children. After hearing how marketing affects cosmetic production, I, being the sick twisted individual I am thought it'd be hilarious, to see if we do to adults what Pokemon and Beanie Babies did to my generation, I'm not entirely sure how this would fly, but it really would not be a cos-sci's problem, it'd be a marketer's, but I would wanna see the equivalent of gotta catch em all in cosmetic and see if people buy it, and how well sales do to a control. Maybe something with the flare of if you buy each of these, the next set coming out will work interchangably with scents that compliment each other in ways you can personalize to your mood!!! or something, (I really don't know what theoretical product I'm applying this to, just pitching addictive strats, w/ cosmetics applications.) Anyways, so yep, that would be hilarious, and I would like to see that done. Sort of the opposite of Herbal Essence's Strategy, I suppose.

3. I hate to say it, but I think the next big wave is people getting super tired of naturals not working, but still health conscious enough to make it a central focus for cosmetic scientists. My next big wave prediction is themed around the idea of the public demanding higher quality standards of existing products for both efficacy and safety. BUT it doesn't end there. As an addition, I believe people will want extra benefits from their products to lend support internally to keep their bodies strong inside out. Since cancer seems to freak everyone out, and people seem to all be rather nutty about doing what they can, to keep healthy, (Which IMHO, is what started this literally fruity natural trend in the first place!) I feel that the next logical step in the progression of health nuttery, is real medicine. I feel people will want to have a boost in their cosmetics like they feel they get now, so that they don't loose that sense of wellness and protection. In which case they would want a drastically different approach to any product then what has been done in the past, so much so that the FDA would probably have to add TONS in the drug sect on their website for cosmetics. Since topical products are absorbed into the skin, while it's in there, it should be helping your body out in there while it's metabolizing. Some examples could be makeup designed to lend support to your kidneys and liver, or lotions designed to lend ocular support. Idk, would that just be just to much hell to deal with getting into with the FDA about labeling??? I know it's a lot of extra work too. networking with several medical professionals, to make it happen, but I mean it can be done.  LOL, and it would give EWG one less thing to complain about :P ^Some what serious. :/

AND FINALLY!!! (kudos if you hung in there, I even checked out! :P)

Where do you hope/see it going after the natural trend?


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