Anti-aging pillow?

Hi, I recently saw an advertisement for Iluminage pillowcase, which claims to be scientifically proven to have anti-aging effects for the skin. It is infused with copper oxide which they claim stimulates collagen. What are your thoughts on this? Is it worth buying?


  • Unless the company can provide data to prove their products works, I call bullsh*t. Copper peptides have been shown to have SOME beneficial effect on skin when used at the proper concentration in the right kind of leave on formula but I've NEVER heard of copper oxide doing anything especially when applied in such a transient manner (from a pillow.)
  • Although, It's an old wives tale silk/satin pillows are good not only for skin, but hair as well. I assume it's less rough on the strands when you toss and turn to create less split ends, and I assume it tugs on your face less while you sleep, so it it eases the wear to you face maybe? Idk Randy, is there anything to the old myth? OMG, you're like the beauty brains Adam Savage!

    Lol @ "transient manner" It just sounds funny.
  • We did write about anti-wrinkle pillows a few years ago: I had kind of forgotten about this - it might make for a good discussion on our podcast. 

    Also, I believe that Transient Manner is the name of the first band that Perry was in. 
  • Lol, transient manner made me laugh again. Idk what it is. <----Is easily entertained
    Thanks, I'm gonna go check it out!
  • I read it and my bottom line is, but Randy, it feels so soft, and silk sheets pillows and comforters are more elegant than regular icky cotton, and more fashionable to decorate with, and it keeps you nice and cool in the summer, and actually I have a few night gowns that seem to be water repellant as they have to air dry, and they dry really fast compared to other fabrics indicating it has hydraphobic properties. But I agree, it's useless, if you're tossing around on your pillow, wiping it off by frictional means, I just thought you'd be pleasantly surprised to know.
  • <3s my bedding, it's so pretty!
  • I did some more research on this and found that there is some evidence that copper infused fibers can have an anti-aging effect. This is the topic of an upcoming podcast, so stay tuned. 
  • Oh, my wonderful. Yes, I do feel like I need maybe more of an excuse to shop at Bed Bath and Beyond, so could be wonderful news if they start infusing their sheets!
  • My goodness, that was the most organized, well researched, OCD, researched article on anything I've read in a bit! I couldn't have done a better job covering the sleep/pillow/wrinkle investigation. It had the studies, links, info, info about lack of info intelligent commentary, It was GLORIOUS!!!! Buuuuuut I still love my silky bedding, I mean it really does tie the room together. But at least I know it's not saving me from aging. That $185 pillow though, I can't decide if it looked comfy, or like a mid-evil torture device!!! O.O
  • Yep, isn't that the new one?

  • Yes it is but in your previous post you didn't say what article you were referring to. Thanks for clarifying. 
  • Lol, oops, I was excited, Srry!
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