Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex?

Could this be a thing? (Not in just in deoderant!) I checked, it can be be encapsulated, and combined with some kind of anti inflam in what ever skin care you want to apply this in, I'd say this would be a really great move. Across the board this apprears to be a clinically tested chemical that helps fight cancer, photo aging, acne, it has anarobic properties, it has anti odor properties, and it seems to just kind of improve the body  so far and safely when ever applied topically speaking in every study. And Chlorophillin is time tested for over 50 years, and on it's own, it's an irritant, with a burning sensation lest than hydrogen peroxide. Ummmm. Why isn't this in more skin care? It seems like a staple, like EDTA. That is unless I'm missing something here?


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