Do we use metal sodium in anything?


  • Is there a way to potentially utilize it in tiny tiny micro grams increments? Or would it not stabilize well in products?
  • Metal sodium is too reactive to be used in cosmetics. What kind of effect are you trying to achieve? 
  • It explodes when exposed to moisture. It's usually stored in sealed vials of oil. Same with metallic potassium.
  • Right on, Kirsten, right on!
  • Exactly! I had an idea specifically using that mechanism, but on a much smaller scale in copulsed dye lasermetics, I know it sounds absolutely nuts, but bare with me because it seems every other crazy idea I've had turns out to have either been a thing already been done, or something that's being worked on in Pubmed. :P

    So theoretically, it could be used in cosmetics, it just hasn't been considered. But in just the right milligram, could it be stabilized in any oil based solid solution?

     I have this idea for antiperspirant, that instead of repelling the moisture, you obliterate it in micro-explosions, keeping you dry, and fresh, w/o causing flesh damage. I don't know why I want to know if this can work, it just kind of sounds really cool. . ( I also considered potassium, but I wanted to start w/sodium just cause.) I would have started with all of this, but I was afraid you all would have thought I've lost my mind. D:
  • I might be way off base here, but alternative ideas to what we already have in place always have intrigued me, so I like to think way outside the box sometimes. So one day when I thought of antiperspirant, and realized it's all the same actives, and it's the same technique, I figured maybe there was room to explore other options under the title of antiperspirant, and that's where I got on the idea of vaporization instead of a repellant.
  • (Ready for imput, but please be gentle!)
  • Clever idea but I doubt it's feasible given the problems/dangers of handling metallic sodium. 
  • (Thanks for being gentle.) Aww, well. I'm feigning interest in the whole idea now, anyhow. Maybe someday a cosmetic scientist can figure it out in something a bit less Micheal Bay.
  • Micro-explosions though, it sounded pretty cool.
  • I am picturing someone with PopRocks taped under their arm now.
  • That is an AWESOME image!
  • @ Kirsten- Very funny. I get I was wrong, and it wouldn't be feasible with sodium, but your comment with the Poprocks is very dismissive to my actual concept as a whole. I normally don't mind a joke, however creative thought and engineering is something that should be encouraged and assisted. Not mocked. The mentality and closed mindedness only leads to more engineering stagnation. :/

    + Plus didn't your mother ever tell you, "if you do not have something nice to say?..."

    @ Randy- *shakes head w/disappointment.*
  • I apologize. It was not intended to be mocking.
  • We don't mock each other here! 

    I thought that Kristen was just playing off Argon's comment about micro explosions sounding cool. (Which was an entertaining way to put it.) Kristen just gave that description a visual image that struck me as amusing. I didn't take her comment as mocking and my response was certainly not meant that way either. 

  • I am kinda stoked. I did more research on the idea, because someone told me today that they thought it was a cool idea. BTW, I found this, @Randy, maybe Sodium is plausible, Idk, maybe could you check it out, and see what they mean, they listed sodium in there, so now I'm confused???

    I will probably occasionally look further into this until I have it theoretically worked out decently, maybe not. I looked a tiny tad into the elemental alkalines today, I figured I'd finish up investigating those, and what can be done. I feel that there is something to this, but I probably will take a long time to get around to proving it. (Above is a patent for deoderant antipersperant, and they list specifically sodium in the list of possibles for actives. but that could be just a nut job with a patent, I am super rusty with chemistry since high school, and I was scanning over this article actually looking up something else, when I saw that, and figured I'd log on and ask about it.)

    As for flipping out- well you see it was hot, and I didn't have the AC installed yet, and it was wrong!!! I don't do hot guys, I really don't. Srry bout that! :P (It's all better now, AC is in, and I'm literally cool as a cucumber! :D)

  • I took a quick look at the patent and it appears to mention using various sodium salts which are different than metallic sodium. 

    Good luck with your research!
  • Oh, Weird, nvm. ThanksI have a few leads actually. One of which, I am about 40% more sure on this time, Makes for good time killing :P
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