Gripe about sunscreens

So in the old days, the american academy of dermatology recommended using a sunscreen with an spf of 15 or greater.  My understanding was that was changed to spf of 30 or greater in recognition of the fact that people generally don't apply enough to get the rated spf.  So which is it--apply as you usually would, but use a higher spf, or apply generously regardless of what spf you choose?  Personally, I choose products with a higher spf and hope that I am covering myself well enough.  I think I'm using a half teaspoon for my face, but I refuse to spackle my face with sunscreen every day.

It seems to me that the rated spf should reflect a reasonable application of product, not a spackling.  Either the rated spf needs to be adjusted downward, or people simply need to choose a higher spf product.  But we can't be expected to spackle our faces.  *end rant*


  • 1. Based on the numbers I've seen, 1/2 tsp for your face seems right in line with the recommended dosage.

    2. Good luck with trying to get the FDA to change the application instructions in the sunscreen monograph!  
  • I know. It just annoys me when I see unrealistic expectations for sun protection. I know I'm protecting my skin because I don't tan (I have skin that tans well and makeup artists call me "very fair") and my dermatologist compliments me all the time on how my skin is aging. But really, we can only do what we can do. I'm not willing to spackle;)
  • I'm starting a new hashtag: #sarahwon'tspackle.
  • Omg, lol I would hashtag for that....
  • Uh, someone needs to teach me how to hashtag. Anyways, It occurred to me, while laughing my ass off reading someone Else's rant for a change, (btw, *high-fives Sarah*, that was epic!) I'm a spackler and I'm proud.... There I've said it, and I need not be ashamed! I am pasty!!!! We don't get a lot of sun in my neck of the woods, and because of such envionmental causes, most people here you may find to be a bit pale. So when the sun actually does show up, as well as year round I Spackle!!! To be precise, I try to get double the recommended amount of SPF. Cause I don't just burn, I snap, crackle, pop!

    @ Sarah again, wait you're fair and you can tan naturally, w/o going in for like a spray tan? Or burning from artificial or a sun tan? How do you not burn?
  • What I mean to say is I'm called "very fair" BECAUSE I use sun protection.  I would be more on the light-medium side if I allowed myself to tan.  So to me, when people say, "wow, you're very fair," that means my sun protection is working.
  • Ohhhhhhh I see. I was confused. Lol, that's funny, if I'm still fair, I know it's working too!
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