Confused about SPF ratings in physical / mineral sunscreens



  • Anyway, thanks for your observations about spreading/applying it.
  • Sooooo subjective...I know...

    I have a feeling my skin is much, much drier than yours...

    But I'm with you on the high coverage...I *will* suffer a bit and put up with less than perfect if I know I'm protecting my skin...

    Have you tried a high mattefy-ing (I know that's probably not a word lol) powder on top? I have an Urban Decay one that I don't use because I find it too matte...and drying...that may work for you.
  • That's a good idea.  My problem is even though my skin isn't super dry, powders seem to dry it like nobody's business, so I have to select them carefully and apply lightly.  Right now, I'm using Benefit's hello flawless and that seems to work for me.  I tried one from Urban Decay a while back that irritated my skin, but I'm not at all sure it's the same one you're referring to.
  • Oh I see. I do remember you mentioning the Flawless I thought maybe it's just not mattefying enough. But I did not realize your skin can get dry from powders. 

    The whole oily but can get dry or dry but can get oily is complicated...
  • Tell me about it girl! :)
  • Even I don't get the SPF stuff. I mean, I really find it difficult to adhere to the one that will suit my skin type. How to know which one is suitable for my skin and which SPF will give me most of the benefit. 
  • Agreed, Terrie.  Part of finding the right sunscreen is finding one you will be willing to use daily.  What good is sunscreen if you don't like it enough to use it every day?  I'd rather forego higher spf in favor of something I'll use liberally and reliably.
  • Compliance is an important factor in determining product efficacy! 
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